We Host Fabulous Events and Weddings

Host your events at Est banquet hall, where you can manage all kinds of events, from Small business meetings to Huge Marriage ceremony, we have a place that’s capable to Host Huge Events.


Host your events with us at EST Hotel, may it be an event of 6 people or may it be a huge ceremony of 100s of people. Business and get-togethers are cultivated with creative energy and impeccable meticulousness. The broad Business Center highlights experienced staff fixated on subtleties and a feeling of desperation.

Top class equipment with the latest technology to ensure your corporate events function smoothly and efficiently. We have all the required equipment with cutting edge technology for corporate retreats, conventions and larger gatherings.

We host all the corporate events including Trade Show, Product Launch, Seminar, Meeting, Fundraiser, Annual Functions, Prize Distribution Ceremony, Fairs, etc.


Our beautiful Est Banquet Hall can fulfill everyone’s needs and is the best place to host your prestigious wedding ceremony. Host your fantasy Destination Wedding or your reception ceremony in our Banquet hall. We would help you host your dream wedding.

The Big Day is made significantly increasingly exceptional when you have it at the most one of a kind wedding scenes. Lodging in Hotel EST is satisfied to offer the wedding goal for upscale ladies, grooms, and visitors. With an assortment of diverse, rich, and unprecedented occasion spaces. Hotel EST sets the phase for stunning commendable weddings in Toronto.

Host all the pre-wedding Ceremonies at our Banquet hall. Special Events we host at our Banquet hall are Engagement Party, Henna Party, Anniversary, Bachelorette Party, Bridal Shower, etc.


Host your social gatherings or Events at EST. You can find a variety of elegant and extraordinary event space, where you can host your events. Events at EST are often very memorable experience. Our stylish places and highly professional staff won’t let your event feel empty and inefficient.

Your experience with EST would definitely be a remarkable one. Let your guest dissolve into our exceptional service with an extraordinary location. We not only host events but also ensure a lifetime experience.

Various Social Events we host at our Banquet hall includes Christmas Party, Baptism Party, Baby Shower, Bar / Bat Mitzvah Convention, Private Event, Ballroom, Stag Party, Sweet 16 Party, Church Event, School Formal, School Ball, Year End Gala, Birthday Party, Holiday Party, Jack and Jill, Christmas Gala, Communion, Gala Dinner, Musical Event, etc.

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